Top 4 wedding photographers in Northern Ireland

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Top 4 wedding photographers in Northern Ireland

     Wedding is a special event in every couple’s life, so that everything runs like you planed, you must choose the right service and plan everything ahead.

     But how to hire photographer and know that he is the best for you? You can’t. You must first look at their work and decide and if this is not enough for you, then seek advice at some web sites and look at their reviews. If you are planning a gala wedding you will need a photographer who is on top of his task. The best choice is to go on PPANI (Professional Photography Association of Northern Ireland) and seek help there.

We are going to review some of their work here and help you choose the best.


Annette Burke


     Her specialties are in studio portraiture, wedding photography, and boudoir photography. Her web page is called 4ever, where you can see some of her best work. She is a winner of lot of awards and recognitions during the years. She offers large amount of services to its customers. Her photos are designed to look beautiful, dreamy, and romantic and with a touch of fairy tale fantasy.



Graham Crichton


     His specialties are only in wedding photography, he has nine years of experience, and his physical disability didn’t stop him to do the best work, considering that he is blind in one eye. He has ability to see what others can’t. He doesn’t just make wedding photographs, in his hand they become true master piece and couple who have sense for adventure and don’t want to make just plain old photos are in the right hands, because he has a little rebellious touch combined with a modern standards. You can visit his web page and see it form the first hand.



Peter Crymble


     Peter is a modern photography artist. His has a lot of specialties and one of them is wedding photography. He has his own design studio that is award winning. He takes more modern approach in making photos. Customers say: that he is very laid back and relaxed, has a friendly note and has gentle approach, his photos give you impression like you are in modern fantasy of happiness and peace but in the same time you get a very natural photos full of details and sudden expression that you didn’t expect, because he sometimes knows to take photos while no one is watching.



Steven Hanna


     The last but not the least important from the group of Northern Ireland wedding photographers is Steven. He is also a member of PPANI and specialist in contemporary wedding photography. He offers his costumers romantic, elegant and stylish photos. He can capture the finest moments full of emotions. Some of his clients say that he is top class wedding photographer. His every photo is made to tell a story and to grasp you from the first moment you see it. Subtle and elegant touch give his photos a remarkable note where he can transcribe the love of the bride and groom in just one picture and that will make your heart stop.


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